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 Happy valentines, skinnies! Remember to not eat too many of those valentine day chocolates tonight. Moderation is the key. 

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Anonymous said: Thanks for that , would I look skinnier in 3 days though?:)

You will definitely lose weight, but remember to not jump right into a huge meal on the 4th day. Start with something small like an apple for breakfast, some veggies for dinner and loads of water, and SLOWLY return to your normal diet. Fasting is always a great way to kick start a new diet, because in result of not consuming anything for that long your stomach shrinks, which makes you feel satisfied after very small portions :) 

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Anonymous said: Is it dangerous to starve yourself ? If so how many days is enough?

I’d say it is safe to fast (aka consume nothing but water) maximum for a period of  3 days, since longer than that might send you into starvation mode, and you might develop binge eating tendencies. Good luck x 

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